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Rayman M - Henchman 1000 - LTE-T Paper Model - by LeTourbillonEnchanT

 photo raymamhenchman_1000_zpsb7968e70.jpg

From Rayman M videogame and created by French designer LeTourbillonEnchanT, here is Henchman 1000 - LTE-T in a nice paper model version.

Do game Rayman M e criado pelo designer francês LeTourbillonEnchanT, eis aqui Henchman 1000 - LTE-T, em uma muito bem feita versão em papel.


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Bitty Books Origami - by Extreme Cards And Papercrafting

 photo bittybooksuiu_zps5e35f95b.jpg

What crafty librarians do in their spare time? Origami Books! Visit Extreme Cards And Papercrafting website to learn how to make these cute little Origami Books.

O que os bibliotecários habilidosos fazem em seu tempo livre? Livros de Origami! Visite o site Extreme Cards And Papercrafting para aprender a dobrar estes simpáticos Livros de Origami.


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Trains And Trams Paper Models In 1/250 Scale - by Rawen

 photo Vlak_atramvaj_zps25abf4b1.jpg

A lot of Trains and Trams in 1/250 scale that are perfect for Dioramas, by designer Raven, from PR Models website.

Um monte de modelos de papel em escala 1/250 de Trens e Bondes que são perfeitos para dioramas, criados pelo designer Raven, do site PR Models.

Link: Trains.And.Trams.Sets.Paper.Models.In.1/

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Porsche 914/6 Paper Model In 1/30 Scale - by Toyu

 photo L11110uiuiui87ghhh001_zpsdecfd76d.jpg

Japanese designer Toyu strikes again with more one nice paper model in 1/30 scale. This Porsche 914/6 occupies only two sheets of paper.

 photo L11110uiuiui87ghhh002_zps02730c58.jpg

O designer japonês Toyu ataca novamente com mais um belo modelo de papel em escala 1/30. Este Porsche 914/6 ocupa apenas duas folhas de papel.

Link: Porsche.914/6.Paper.Model.In.1/

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WW2`s Yakovlev Yak-1 Soviet Fighter Paper Model In 1/100 Scale - by Thai Paper Work

 photo DSC00688thaipaper001_zps5fe2c0ea.jpg

The Yakovlev Yak-1 was a World War II Soviet fighter aircraft. Produced from early 1940, it was a single-seat monoplane with a composite structure and wooden wings. This model in 1/100 scale is offered by Thai Paper Work.

O Yakovlev Yak-1 era um avião de caça soviético usado durante a Segunda Grande Guerra. Produzido no final dos anos 1940, era um monoplano de estrutura composta e asas de madeira. este modelo em escala 1/100 é oferecido pelo site Thai Paper Works.

Link: WW2`s.Yakovlev.Yak-1.Soviet.Fighter.Paper.Model.In.1/

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BMW 320i Second Generation Paper Model In 1/30 Scale - by Yuto

 photo L11109070897877_zps5fb2458b.jpg

Another great paper model in 1/30 scale created by Japanese designer Yuto: this is the BMW 320i Second Generation, in only two sheets of paper.

 photo L21109879879877_zps0b0a9cc4.jpg

Mais um belo modelo de papel em escala 1/30 criado pelo designer japonês Yuto: este é o BMW 320i Segunda Geração, ocupando apenas duas folhas de papel.

Link: BMW.320i.Second.Generation.Paper.Model.In.1/

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Honda Mobilio Paper Model In 1/30 Scale - by Yuto

 photo L11108iuiu_zpsff332bc2.jpg

A beautiful paper model in 1/30 scale of the minivan Honda Mobilio 7, created by Japanese designer Yuto.

 photo L21108iuiui_zps6853e579.jpg

Um bonito modelo de papel em escala 1/30 da minivan Honda Mobilio 7, criada pelo designer japonês Yuto.

Link: Honda.Mobilio.Paper.Model.In.1/

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

1966`s Volkswagen Type 2 Snowcat Paper Model - by Paper Diorama

 photo vwsnowcat_1hjhj_zps3d978c08.jpg

This cool and very original paper model was created by Italian website Paper Diorama, ex-Papercrafts.It. - "The ÖAMTC (Austrian Motoring Organisation) has converted a 1966 VW panel van into a snowcat complete with caterpillar tracks and a DJ booth (that pops out of the freakin’ roof!) as part of their outreach program for young drivers. Instead, the Bulli body has been placed on the chassis of a 1960 Bombardier snowcat, and an old Ford Taunus V4 engine sends power to the tracks. Papercraft scale is 1/35." - Paper Diorama

 photo vwsnowcat_2jhjhjh_zps21315c9b.jpg

Este modelo de papel bem original foi criado pelo pessoal do site italiano Paper Diorama, ex-Papercrafts.It. - "O ÖAMTC (Austrian Motoring Organisation) converteu uma Kombi modelo 1966 emum snowcat completo, com esteiras de trator e uma cabnine de DJ (que fica no teto retrátil da Kombi!) como parte de seu programa de extensão para jovens condutores. A carroceria da Kombi se apóia sobre o chassi de um Bombardier snowcat de 1960, e um velho motor Ford Taunus V4 gera energia para as esteiras. Este modelo está na escala 1/35." - Paper Diorama

Link: 1966`

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

TDDK Robot Shadow Puppet Theater Paper Toy - by Salazad

 photo tddk-001salazad001_zpse8f12562.jpg

This cool paper toy was created by Indonesian designer Salazad. - "Wayang is a generic term denoting traditional theatre in Indonesia. There is no evidence that wayang existed before the first century CE, after Hinduism and Buddhism were brought to Southeast Asia. This leads to the hypothesis that the art was imported from either India or China, both of which have a long tradition of shadow puppetry and theatre in general. However, there very well may have been indigenous storytelling traditions that had a profound impact on the development of the traditional puppet theater." - Salazad

 photo tddk-001salazad002_zps573f788b.jpg

Este belo paper toy foi criado pelo designer indonésio Salazad. - "Wayang é um termo genérico para o teatro tradicional na Indonésia. Não há nenhuma evidência de que o Wayang existisse antes do primeiro século dC, quando o hinduísmo e o budismo foram trazidos para o Sudeste Asiático. Isso leva a crer a arte foi importado da Índia ou China, sendo que ambos têm uma longa tradição de marionetae de sombras e teatro em geral. No entanto, foram as tradições narrativas indígenas que tiveram um impacto profundo sobre o desenvolvimento do tradicional teatro de fantoches." - Salazad


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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Generic Garage Paper Model - Assembled by Bartek Godai

 photo genericgaragepapermaugodai001_zps56cf864d.jpg

My Polish friend, designer and modeler Bartek "Godai" Biedrzycki built the Generic Garage Paper Model and kindly sent me some photos. He added some lights to the model and the result is great, like those 50`s incandescent yellow lamps. - Many thanks, Godai, for the nice assembly and for the photos! Greetings from Brazil to Poland! - If you want to Build your own Generic Garage Paper Model, the link is below, at the end of this post.

 photo godaigasragegen002_zpsdce6187b.jpg

Meu amigo polonês, o designer e modelista Bartek "Godai" Biedrzycki montou o modelo de papel da Garagem Genérica e gentilmente enviou-me algumas fotos. ele instalou duas lâmpada no modelo e o resultado foi incrível, como aquelas antigas lâmpadas incandescentes amareladas dos anos 50. - Valeu, Godai, pela bela montagem e pelas fotos! Saudaçoes do Brasil à Polônia! - Se você também quer montar sua própria Garagem Genérica, o link se encontra logo abaixo.

 photo genericgaragepapermaugodai0032_zpscb22c78f.jpg

Link to download the model:!

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Old Industrial Garage Paper Model - by Edifícios De Papel

 photo 2014-Garage-Industrial-Config-4ioi_zpsc518fbfc.jpg

Spanish website Edifícios de Papel continues to share interesting paper buildings for Dioramas, RPG and Wargames. Today we have an Old Industrial Garage in six different scales, and you can choose between four different roofs.

 photo 2014-Garage-IndustrialX42ioi_zpsd4bf78a4.jpg

O site espanhol Edifícios de Papel continua a compartilhar interessantes prédios para Dioramas, RPG e Wargames. Hoje nós temos uma Antiga Garagem Industrial em seis escalas diferentes, e você ainda pode escolher entre quatro telhados diferentes.


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Monday, July 14, 2014

Batman - Arkham City - The Joker Paper Model - by Sabi 96

 photo jokersabi6655_zps86c7fde3.jpg

From Arkham City videogame, here is The Joker, in a perfect paper version created by designer Sabi 96.

Do game Arkham City, aqui está o Coringa, em uma perfeita versão em papel criada pelo designer Sabi 96.


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New Paper Flowers To Liven Up Your Day - by Projekt Bastelbogen

 photo flowersborisnews00001_zps5952bac6.jpg

My friend, the German designer Boris, from Projekt bastelbogen website, shares more some nice paper flowers to liven up your day.

 photo flowersborisnews00002_zpsc7cd5cd5.jpg

Meu amigo, o designer alemão Boris, do site Projekt Bastelbogen, compartilha algumas novas flores para alegrar o seu dia.


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Sunday, July 13, 2014

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