Saturday, December 6, 2014

New Architectural Paper Models In 1/64 Scale - by Keroliver
via Le Forum En Papier

 photo keroliverdiorama164papercraft000101_zps0fd4ed41.jpg

French designer Keroliver shares more three nice architectural paper models in 1/64 scale that are perfect to create dioramas or stands for Hot Wheels, Matchbox and similar miniatures.

 photo keroliverdiorama164papercraft000102_zps67332f2c.jpg

O designer francês Keroliver compartilha mais três modelos de papel arquitetônicos na escala 1/64 que são perfeitos para criar dioramas ou stands para miniaturas Hot wheels, Matchbox e similares.

Link 01: Muzillac.Tourism.Office.Paper.Model.In.1/

Link 02: Citroen.Dealership.Paper.Model.In.1/

Link 03: Treilles.Cottage.Paper.Model.In.1/

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