Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Trabant P 601 Kübelwagen Paper Model - by Paper Diorama

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This very well done paper model of the Trabant P 601 Kübelwagen was created by Italian designers from Paper Diorama website. - "The Trabant was built in three body styles: as a two door sedan, as a station wagon and in an open “Kübelwagen” style version. The Kübelwagen was reserved for armed forces, border police and forest management and not available for private customers. Paper model in 1/35 scale." - Paper Diorama

 photo trabantp601papermodel002_zpsca0f4b25.jpg

Este modelo de papel muito bem feito do Trabant P 601 Kübelwagen foi criado pelos designers italianos do site Paper Diorama. - " O Trabant foi montado em três configurações diferentes: sedan duas portas, station wagon e uma versão aberta "Kubelwagen". O Kubelwagen foi reservado para as forças armadas da Antiga alemanha Oriental, para as guardas florestais e da fronteira e nunca foi vendido para civis. Modelo na escala 1/35."

Link: Trabant.P.601.Kü

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