Sunday, April 6, 2014

Creating A Medieval Stand Paper Model For Mini Figures - by Papermau Part II

 photo templatesdiomedpapermau2014004_zpsec890b3c.jpg

Here are the first images of the construction report of the Medieval Stand Paper Model For Mini Figures. As you can see, the model is suitable for Playmobil figures and other miniatures in 1/24 scale. The templates are done, but not revised, so now I will start the test build and fix the mistakes. Download soon. I want to thank to my German friend, Mr. Frank Kelle, for the always kind words and support and to Mr. John McPherson, who gave me the idea for the arches for the doorway.

 photo templatesdiomedpapermau2014002_zpsb846cfe2.jpg

Aqui estão as primeiras imagens da montagem do Stand Medieval para Mini Figuras. Como você pode ver, o modelo é adequado para figuras Playmobil e outras miniaturas em escala 1/24. Os templates estão prontos, mas não revisados, então agora farei a montagem de teste e consertarei os erros que forem aparecendo. Download em breve. Agradeço ao meu amigo da Alemanha. Sr. Frank Kelle, pelas palavras sempre amáveis e pelo apoio e ao Sr. John McPherson, que me deu a idéia para o arco da porta deste modelo.

 photo templatesdiomedpapermau2014001_zps7193d77b.jpg

Part I: Creating A Medieval Stand Paper Model For Mini Figures - by Papermau Part I

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  1. It is very nice, I am looking forward to download it and built it, I really like the details texture for the door and the stone archway, thank you, Didier

    1. Hello, Mr. Didier,

      I am glad you like it! Many thanks for your kind words and for the visit!

      Greetings from Brazil!



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