Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Construction Report - The Old Treasure Chest Paper Model In 1/6 Scale by Papermau

 photo buchestenferrujado000_zps672f2d63.jpg

Here is a little construction report of the Old Treasure Chest Paper Model In 1/6 Scale. I hope this helps those who want to assemble it. In the end of this post you will find the link to download the templates of this model. Download easily, directly from Google Docs. Have fun!

 photo baupapermau90945898_zps6f788eb0.jpg

Aqui está um pequeno relatório de montagem da Antiga Arca do Tesouro na escala 1/6. Eu espero que isto ajude aqueles que quiserem mont-la. No final deste post você encontrará o link para o download  do modelo. Baixe facilmente direto do Google Docs. Bom divertimento!

 photo bautespourohowto001_zps97c033e4.jpg
 photo bautespourohowto002_zpsa67696f6.jpg
 photo bautespourohowto003_zps55d20381.jpg
 photo bautespourohowto004_zpsa95c184b.jpg
 photo bautespourohowto005_zps87405329.jpg
 photo bautespourohowto006_zpse2d7cccb.jpg
 photo bautespourohowto007_zps7975ed94.jpg
 photo bautespourohowto008_zpsaf82e5d0.jpg
 photo bautespourohowto009_zps5ad2d64f.jpg
 photo bautespourohowto010_zpsa85f5cfb.jpg
 photo bautespourohowto011_zps8aaa6a99.jpg
 photo bautespourohowto012_zpsa0a83af1.jpg
 photo bautespourohowto013_zps89f54364.jpg
 photo bautespourohowto014_zps5d9afd85.jpg
 photo bautespourohowto015_zpsfd64ca1e.jpg
 photo papermauchest9090_zps529cbe88.jpg

Download: The.Old.Treasure.Chest.Paper.Model.In.1/!

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