Sunday, October 6, 2013

Halloween Special - The Hapless Horseman Paper Toy - by Macula / Tempest Hole

 photo noheadmantoypaper_zpsc5b2046e.jpg

This is the Hapless Horseman, a "creepy" paper toy created by Macula Art and with a really nice custom texture by Tempest Hole.

 photo maculaholesque345_zpsf0db6b2b.jpg

Este é o Cavaleiro Infeliz, um "arrepiante" paper toy criado por Macula Art e com uma texturização muito bacana de Tempest Hole.


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  1. Cool good Sir... We like the Skull with worm hand Puppet as well... We will be doing a few post of your Great Blog as well...Hope that you are well.....
    Hello, from Marshville and have a great evening....


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