Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ford Mustang GT - Death Race Paper Model - by Deák Gál Laci - via Paper Replika

 photo monsterfordghkjhgkhjgkh_zps8106b97c.jpg

"This amazing model car paper model template was submitted by Deák Gál Laci from Hungary. The car is from the movie Death Race (2006) called the Monster, owned by a driver named Frankenstein. It is a heavily modified Ford Mustang GT equipped with two gatling gun mounted on top of the hood." - Paper Replika

"Este modelo de papel incrível foi criado pelo designer húngaro Deák Gál Laci. O carro, apelidado de Monstro, é do filme Death Race, de 2006, dirigido pelo motorista conhecido como Frankenstein. É um Ford Mustang GT, fortemente modificado e equipado com duas metralhadora montada em cima do capô." - Paper Replika


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