Thursday, February 7, 2013

Water Well And Barrel Paper Models - by World Of Warcraft Unofficial Papercrafts - Poço E Barril


Two nice models of a Water Well and a Barrel, occupying only one sheet each, by World Of Warcraft Unofficial Papercrafts website. Nice for dioramas, RPGs and Wargames.

Dois modelos de papel, de um poço de água e de um barril, ocupando apenas uma folha de papel cada, do site World Of Warcraft Unofficial Papercrafts. Perfeitos para dioramas, jogos de RPG ou Wargames.


Link to the Water Well:

Link to the Barrel:

Link to WOW Unofficial Papercrafts main page: World.Of.Warcraft.Unofficial.Papercrafts.Main.Page

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