Sunday, August 12, 2012

3D Colorful Maze Papercraft - by Canon - Labirinto 3D


PhotobucketSee if you can guide a ball through this three dimensional maze from start to finish, rolling it past all kinds of obstacles and traps along the way. Try changing the way you tilt the maze to roll the ball, gently shaking it, or other tricky techniques to get past the windmills, slopes, and other obstacles. You can have even more fun by trying out other types of balls and seeing how they roll differently. - Canon

Veja se você consegue guiar a bolinha de papel através deste labirinto tridimensional, do começo ao fim, passando pelos mais variados obstáculos ao longo do caminho. Treine como balançar e virar o tabuleiro para passar a bolinha pelos moinhos e lombadas. Você ainda pode utilizar bolinhas de gude ou metal. - Canon


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