Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nyan Cat Machine - Automata Papercraft - by Ddi7i4d - via DeviantArt


This nice automata paper model was created by German designer Ddi7i4d. You can download this free papercraft with detailed instructions at Ddi7i4d`s page at DeviantArt.

Este belo modelo de papel estilo automata foi feito pelo designer alemão Ddi7i4d. Você pode baixar este belo modelo com instruções detalhadas na página de Ddi7i4d no DeviantArt.


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  1. Oh no! now i got the song stuck in my head >_< nyan nyan nyan....
    it's amazing what you can make out of paper, so adorable! <3

  2. What kind of paper should you use to do this ?

    1. Hello, Anonymous,

      You can use 100 or 150 grams card, easily found in good paper stores.

      Thanks for the visit and greetings from Brazil! :)



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