Sunday, July 15, 2012

Japanese Aircraft Carrier IJN HOSHO Paper Model - by MegaMoonLiner


This is the 1922`s Japanese Aircraft Carrier IJN HOSHO, created by Portuguese designer MegaMoonLiner.

Este é o Porta-Aviões japonês IJN HOSHO, de 1922, criado pelo designer português MegaMoonLiner.

The Real Thing
Hōshō was the world's first commissioned ship that was designed and built as an aircraft carrier, and the first aircraft carrier of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN). Commissioned in 1922, the ship was used for testing carrier aircraft operations equipment, techniques, such as take-offs and landings, and carrier aircraft operational methods and tactics. The ship provided valuable lessons and experience for the IJN in early carrier air operations. Hōshō's superstructure and other obstructions to the flight deck were removed in 1924 on the advice of experienced aircrews. During World War II Hōshō participated in the Battle of Midway in June 1942 in a secondary role. After the battle, the carrier resumed her training role in Japanese home waters for the duration of the conflict and survived the war with only minor damage from air attacks. She was used as a repatriation transport after the war, making nine trips to bring some 40,000 Japanese soldiers and civilians to Japan from overseas locations. Hōshō was scrapped in Japan beginning in 1946. red more at Wikipedia

O primeiro navio concebido especificamente como um porta-aviões foi o Hosho , da marinha Real Japonesa, que entrou ao serviço em Dezembro de 1922.


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