Thursday, June 7, 2012

WW2`s Panzerzug BP44 Armored Train - by Spack


A nice WW2`s Panzerzug BP44 German Armored Train frame to be used with HO scale miniature trains chassis. Spack says: - "This is scaled at 1:87 (which is HO scale rather than OO, but means that the train will be in proportion to the track width), and next to a small 0-4-0 steam engine looks about the right size. This card mockup will also be used to find a chassis to fit the locomotive, and I've already got donor parts for the tender chassis from an old flat bed carriage which has 6 wheeled bogies at each end (the tender is sitting on one of these bogies in the photo of this post)".

Um belo modelo de um trem blindado alemão da Segunda Grande Guerra, para ser usado com chassis de trens em escala HO (escala 1/87), do designer Spack.

Link: WW2`

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  1. Good work by Spack. I have already made the Loco body, and have a "Roco 0-10-0 DR57" as the doner chassis, I just need to work out how to attach the body to it. My hope is to make up a complete working Armoured Train. Dave. Bedford

    1. Hello, Dave,

      Thanks for the comment and for the visit!

      Greetings from Brazil!



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