Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Arab Tent Diorama - via Agence Eureka - Assembled by Eatcrow2

A nice vintage diorama of a Arab Tent, preserved and shared by Agence Eureka and assembled by North American modeler Eatcrow2. Link to download the model at the end of this post.

Model Assembled and Photo by Eatcrow2

Eatcrow2 says: - "Downloaded this from "Pillpat's" site last night, and did a quick build. Printed it out on legal size card. Spray adhesive the base on some thick stock, and doubled up the figures on 65lb card. Hit it with a couple of light coats of "Future" to seal the pastel chalk touch-ups. Colors are a little faded, but still has a nice charm to it... Fun build, and thanks to Pillpat for making it available".


Link to download the model: Arab.Tent.Diorama.via.Agence.Eureka

Link to original post of Eatcrow2 at Papermodelers forum: Arab.Tent.Diorama.Assembled.by.Eatcrow2

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