Friday, July 22, 2011

Tutorial - How To Make A Paper Model - Part 01 - Sketchup

Hello to all,

Here I start a serie of posts about how to:

1)design a model using Sketchup.

2) unfold this model using Pepakura.

3) apply textures using Mspaint.

I will try to be more objetive as possible and will try not be arrested by kill the English.


I start with a simple model (In the photo above). I make a video (without sound) of this model while I drew this. The video has 5 minutes and you can download it at the end of this post. In this video you learn how to make this simple church: how to "pull" the walls, the turret and the roof , then apply textures on it. In the next post, I will show how to unfold it using Pepakura and save it in .bmp plans or .jpg. Then after this, I will show how to apply real textures (Images taken from photos, like doors, windows, signs, etc), using MsPaint. My models are made this way.

For those who want to follow this tutorial, these free programs are necessary:

1) Sketchup 6 or anterior - ( version 7 and 8 don`t have support to Google Earth files (.kmz), at least in free version.


2) Pepakura Design 3 - I don`t know about other versions, but this version I know is compatible with .Kmz .


3) MsPaint - If you get the old version (Windows XP), this is better to work that the most recent version. But the most recent also can be used.

download: You already have a version if you use windows. If you use Mac, download a Mac`s MsPaint version here: Paint.Brush.Mac

download movie tutorial and Sketchup model:

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